Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Book No One Wants to Read by Beth Bacon

I hate to admit that the cover almost stopped me from picking up this book. I know the title alone is meant to be enticing, but I didn't open this book until I saw an author friend post a glowing review about it on Goodreads.

I gave the book a chance and opened it up. It has nice big text in small doses. The book makes a bargain with you. You pretend to read it, and it gets some well-deserved time off the shelf.

You play games with the book, which are fun and keep the reader occupied.

I've never been a reluctant reader myself, but I think this book will help a lot of reluctant readers out there with its wit an humor. They just have to take it off the shelf for a few minutes.

The illustrations were simple and bold. I liked them a lot. They added to the book and fit the theme well.

5 Shovels

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Star Syrup by Penny LeClair

Star Syrup is a cozy middle grade read about a girl named Lena who can't quite sing. Lena has a tendency to fly under the radar. There isn't really anything about her that stands out. Until one day, when her nemesis ruins a meet and greet with a star, and Lena ends up with a potion and a little more attention than she bargained for. But will her newfound fame help or hurt her?

Lena was an appealing character. She is one that you will find yourself cheering for throughout the whole book. All of the characters in this book are, in fact, appealing characters. Even Lena's nemesis, Xara, and the pop star with issues, Janet, have redeeming qualities.

The thing I liked most about this book is that you can really see Lena's growth in character. And she learns that talent is something that you aren't always blessed with, but certainly can earn with time.

I'm happy to have this book in my collection.

5 Shovels!